Clinical Practice

“Effective therapy,” Irv Yalom says in his book, The Gift of Therapy,” consists of an alternating sequence: evocation and experiencing of affect followed by analysis and integration of affect.” He is referring to the affect or emotion we bring to therapy: perhaps the pain of old trauma, the frustration of our current situation, the longing for connection and self-expression. For therapy to be effective in bringing healing and change, it must involve understanding and experiencing.

So my clients and I seek to understand and gain insight into the problems they bring by exploring their past experience, present lives, and future goals. To bring that understanding to fruition in experience, we also work with the unconscious using dreams and the therapeutic relationship itself, acquire cognitive-behavioral and relationship tools, and sometimes explore experiential approaches such as the Gestalt empty chair technique.

I specialize in working with long-term patterns of relationship problems and the depression, anxiety, or trauma that may both underlie and result from those patterns. I work with individuals, couples, and sometimes parent-child dyads or families, and organizations. I have found that, for those who wish it, there is great power in the integration of psychology and spirituality to facilitate deep transformation and healing. I have special experience in working with intercultural marriages and families, Asian Americans, divorce and stepfamily issues, and sexual, health, and pain concerns.

For information on my time availability and fees, please contact me directly. I would be happy to assist you in getting insurance reimbursement if available.