"Getting better performance from any group or individual, yourself included, means a permanent change in the way you think and run your business. CEOs need to focus first on changing themselves before they try to change the rest of the company."

-Ralph Stayer, Harvard Business Review, Nov-Dec. 1990/Summer 2007

Fundamental to every analysis of superlative leadership is the man or woman who values persons and relationships in building effective organizations, cultures, and businesses. In executive coaching, I assist top executives to hone the skills and refine their understanding of the processes that underlie successful interpersonal relationships, executive team building, and emotional intelligence.

Motivating, partnering, listening, understanding, supporting, confronting, and connecting people constitute the bulk of the job description of the CEO-whether with employees, customers or clients, executive teams, or Boards. These are values and skills that can be effectively taught and, where biases block their implementation in the organization or the executive, those obstacles can be systematically removed. Furthermore, these are values and skills that yield significant results by whatever measure you use, whether personal satisfaction and meaning or business profitability and growth.

My services involve thorough case assessment interviews and analyses with the important participants in an organization, structuring program objectives with the executive, supporting the implementation of those objectives through one-on-one meetings, telephone or e-mail contact as needed, observations, and guided readings, and evaluation of outcome effectiveness at the close of the program.

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